Professional Human Resource International (PHRi)

PHRi, the Professional in Human Resources – International, is your gateway to a thriving career in global human resource management. Offered by the renowned Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), this certification equips HR professionals to excel in the complex landscape of international human relations. PHRi not only validates your essential skills but also unlocks numerous worldwide HR job opportunities.

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PHRi, which stands for Professional in Human Resources – International, is a credential awarded to HR practitioners operating at either an international or global level. The HR Certification Institute, which is a globally respected institution providing qualifications for HR experts, offers PHRi. The PHRi qualification will cater for HR specialists, who wish to showcase their competence in international HR practice.
The globally-recognized credential PHRi certifies for HR professionals conducting business in countries aside US. This examination verifies the ability for success in specific HR careers under the global circumstances.
ndividuals with a high school diploma or global equivalent and at least two years of professional HR experience are eligible for the PHRi exam. If you have a higher education degree, the required professional experience is reduced.
Preparation for the PHRi exam involves a combination of self-study, review courses, and practice exams. Utilizing HR textbooks, online courses, and study groups can be beneficial.
Yes, candidates need to have at least one year of professional HR experience to be eligible for the PHRi exam. However, the required experience is reduced if the candidate has a higher education degree.
The PHRi exam fee is $395 for non-members and $100 for the application fee.
Retaking Process: The candidate can re-apply immediately, qualify, and pay all the related exam fees. The candidate has 180 days from the application approval date to schedule and take the exam.
You can apply for the PHRi certification exam through the HRCI website. The application process typically involves providing documentation of your education and work experience. But when you choose to work with us you will not need to go through that stress, we will assist.
PHRi examination covers such issues as international aspects of human resource management, employment, payment, personnel relationships, labor law etc. Before taking the exam, HRCI gives you an elaborate exam content outline to help in your preparation.
Having the PHRi may make you a much more attractive candidate for potential employers or clients as proof that you have mastered international HR management. It can improve chances of getting a good job and also the income. Increased earning potential: PHRi-certified HR professionals earn an average of 16% more than their non-certified counterparts. Enhanced career opportunities: The PHRi certification is recognized by employers around the world, so it can open up new doors for your career. Greater credibility and respect: The PHRi certification demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge to be a successful HR professional in an international setting. Improved HR skills: The PHRi certification process teaches you best practices and standards for HR in an international context. The PHRi certification signifies a strong foundation in HR principles and practices, making you a competitive candidate for international HR roles. It demonstrates your commitment to the HR profession and can enhance career advancement opportunities.
Yes, the PHRi certification is particularly beneficial for HR professionals seeking opportunities in different countries. Its international focus equips you with knowledge applicable in diverse cultural and legal environments.
The PHRi certification is specifically designed for HR professionals operating in an international context. Other HRCI certifications, such as PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), may focus on different levels of HR expertise and responsibilities.
Exam results for the PHRi are typically available immediately after completing the exam. Official score reports are sent to candidates within a few weeks.
Yes, you can maintain multiple HRCI certifications simultaneously. Each certification has its own recertification requirements, and you must fulfill the specific criteria for each certification.
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Yes, there are PHRi (Professional in Human Resources - International) exam preparation courses and study resources available to help you prepare for the exam. These courses are designed to provide a structured and comprehensive approach to studying the topics covered in the PHRi exam content outline. They can be beneficial in helping you review and reinforce your knowledge in human resources and prepare for the exam effectively.

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